Gratitude post

I am really thankful to our soldiers who make us feel safe inspite of whatever troubles our motherland is going through and this personally I have experienced during my recent visit to Amritsar.

It was my cousin’s wedding and we planned our trip to Punjab. I was thoroughly excited as going after a long gap of 12 years, children suggested that why not go to Amritsar after the wedding as it’s nearby and after all India is  celebrating its 75th Independence day. And yes, the itinerary was finalized.

We reached there on 28th night after having a long and exciting train journey. The festivities were in full swing and we were having a dhamaal. The very next day, my son came running 🏃‍♂️ saying, “Mummy can you come for a while, I want to tell you something” He was bitten by a dog 🐕.

Oops.! I was like, OMG! Took a long breath, calmed myself and On enquiring, I came to know that the dog is vaccinated but to be on a safer side called the doctor and he said make the child take the vaccine as he is small in age .My husband took him to the hospital to get it done

Both of them were not able to enjoy the festivities and we were thinking like, Hope it would have not happened! After attending the marriage we came to Amritsar where my son took the second dose of Rabies and as an after effect he got fever . We visited the Golden temple 🛕.  It was a beholding sight one could ever imagine . It was so pure one could feel after visiting a sacred place.

Darbar sahib Gurudwara Golden temple 🛕

Next day, we visited the Attari border, the weather was so sultry and humid, it was not bearable at all. We reached before time and my kiddo wasn’t well that day too. To lighten ourselves, we sat in a restaurant, passed our time by ordering some tea, juice and snacks. We were not in a mood to go out thinking of the heat but how long one can sit, so we moved out and stood in the queue to enter the border to see the Beating Retreat ceremony which is indeed a memorable experience for all.

People from all across the country have come to see this grand affair After a lot of hassle we got our seats but still there was time to start. It was so so hot and my child who was not well kept insisting, I don’t want to stay here, let me take back to the hotel. What to do ?? We were trying to make him feel comfortable by taking him towards shade and fanning him and in between my husband went to talk to one of the soldier relating our situation and he was such a nice fellow, he completely understood our situation and told us to rest in their hospital 🏥,also provided us water 💧 to quench our thirst. After taking rest for almost 45 minutes we were told to take our seats. Not only he provided us to take rest in the hospital but also make us get seated in the front rows.

Taking rest at BSF hospital Attari border

We saw the ceremony with full Josh and enthusiasm. The whole environment was too patriotic, the songs 🎵 were binding us all together. The whole crowd was singing, Dancing and screaming Vande Mataram , Jai Hind , Bharat Mata ki Jai . 

After the ceremony was finished we started searching for that soldier who was the Real Hero to offer him our heartiest gratitude.

Lots of gratitude 🙏 proud To be an Indian

We also visited, The Killa ( Fort) Sh. GURUGOBIND SINGH JI , partition museum and Jallianwala bagh. Visiting all these place, it was like roaming in the history books 📚. Feeling very emotional and really it’s difficult to explain our feelings on a piece of paper

Guru Gobind Singh Fort
Fort from inside

Jallianwala Bagh, where thousands of people were killed including all genres and genders on 13th April 1919.

What we learnt?

1  Every problem is temporary and has in store something special for the future events. Like, if our son wasn’t having fever we would not have been given that special treatment.

2  To enjoy every experience, we have to break our comfort nets

3 How much bad is the situation, it’s temporary and will bring a brand new tomorrow


Break your comfort nets and Enjoy New taste of life

Love ❤