How to quickstart your day in a healthy manner by only these 4 steps

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The alarm bell goes off and you are wondering, where to start; juggling with so many thoughts at a time altogether. 

Slowly open your eyes ,give a smile 😊 to you as a A new day lies before you .Have gratitude for that .

So many unexplored opportunities and potential is lying not only in front of you but inside you also.

So,how to take most from the day in a way that is healthy and boosting your self-esteem too?

Step 1:  

A Reminder beside your bedside table or on the wall in front of you ,a quick note that can boost your self-esteem

Step 2

Set a very Low bar for self appreciation 

We set high standards for ourself during the day and when these expectations are not met ,we felt quite bad and often depressed too. In that, we often forget the simple tasks we do quite nicely. 

Appreciate the little things in your life during the day 

You can make a journal and read it as often as possible 

Step 3

Be kind to your self .Don’t be An Unkind BOSS

Be your own best friend and keep lifting yourself, your mood and self-esteem upwards step by step.

Step 4 

Watch your morning schedule of Breakfast: 

While having breakfast ,mind your screen time .people have a habit of seeing news , reading newspapers and articles which can have a negative or I will say destructive effect on your mind and your body .

Instead you can read an article , a newsletter , a motivational video for a healthy start

You can also talk to you loved ones who empathize with you (check your closet )

Have a self-induced  kind day!

Deepika Oberoi