Oh my god, Boards are coming! 📢📢

Don’t go out now! No time to play ,No time for Television, No friends!

These kind of rules are applied to children so much time prior, before the boards arrive

All time a watch on children what they are doing and how they are doing ???

After reading these statements, many of you can relate with it!

Yes or No ? ?

Be honest

Does this help or we are just following as others are following ?

But if this is logical, many other parents were doing the same ,following the same schedule ,Isn’t it ??

But I have seen parents not putting so much pressure on kids and they are doing well

Parents your own stress and expectations do transfer the child

We can help the child follow a routine which can help the child

1 Time Management

We all have a very short attention span

We can try this :

Step 1 choose the task
Means time is limited and syllabus is vast
Mark out what you can do

Step 2. Set a timer for 20 to 25 min

Step 3 focus on the task until the timer beeps

Step 4 Take a short break of 3 to 5 min

Step 5 Repeat the cycle 4 to 5 times

Take a longer break after that and again plan with Step 1

2. Eat healthy and take short naps whenever possible.

3. Go for a light stroll, exercise and keep yourself happy

4. Find your Distractions, notice it and keep yourself away from it .

5. Parents please don’t compare your children to others and children don’t you compare yourself with your friends.
Where your friends are good, you might be not and where you are good ,your friends are not

Comparison is a thief of happiness “

Comparing ourself to others can inspire us and motivate us to be better . What matters Isn’t the comparison. What matters is the meaning we derive from the comparison.

It’s Envitable, we can’t stop comparing ourself to others but we can compare ourself to better people and for better Reasons.

6. There is not a single person on this Earth whose boards marks decided his earning and success . It’s much more than that .So, take it easy .

7. Prioritise your Mental health. Practice meditation, may be in the form of music, dance or silence 🔕. Find your own way out .It increases concentration and memory .

8. Check Your expectations students . Are they logical or unrealistic?

Mostly it’s the unrealistic expectations of parents which students try to fulfill and when they can’t, they feel sad and depressed .

Success is often measured in terms of outstanding grades and results. In order to achieve this ,a student often goes through Anxiety ,stress and in extremes cases DEPRESSION AND SUICIDE.

9. Speak to your loved ones as often as possible for love and emotional support .

10. And still ,if anything bothers you or the parents ,try reaching a professional .

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