Martin, yes Martin the roadie whom I met in the Human Library. His idea of this concept of Human library was so unique and different.

I remembered the day exactly; it was 12th of September. I went on a college trip from Delhi to Kerela, where I saw this Unique library. We, a group of friends were very excited to have a look at this place. I was the first to go inside and enquire what it is about? The lady on the bench wearing pink color kurta, her wavy hair falling partially on shoulders and cheeks was looking very pretty. I gathered the courage and asked her, ” I can’t see books here, how come this is a library? ” She smiled and replied, ” Welcome to Human library; where people read each other, they share their own stories. Do you want to have an experience?” I looked back at my friends and they all nodded a yes. Let’s try it!

We all went inside and feeling very different and weird so we all decided to sit at the last chairs only. Sumer, one of my friends couldn’t resist laughing, I gave him a strange look as one of the ladies was staring us constantly. We all settled especially summer and tried to listen what that old lady was sharing; she was sharing her own story that since childhood she had a liking for girls only. She never felt anything for her husband although she was a mother of five beautiful children. One day while talking to her granddaughter who was a teenager, she came to know why she actually felt like that. Our eyes were wide open listening to her, Shrikant was quite mesmerized listening to her that he started loudly applauding. WOW! What a dare to open in front of everyone. Seeing everyone’s faces Shrikant felt quite embarrassed. Turn by turn everyone shared their stories and then Martin asked us all, ” Do anyone of you want to share? ” But all us were quite reluctant to share in fact, we didn’t find anything interesting to share, so we said a NO.

Then Martin shared his own story, how he started this Human library and all the people present in the hall were quite curious to know and I was the most enthusiast amongst all.

He started with, I was a man of his own. Didn’t use to care what’s happening around. Travelling and social media was my life. Posting pictures, waiting for comments and then I became a roadie YouTuber travelling places to places and one day eventually landed into a place where everyone was gathered around sitting next to each other. Almost 7pm was the time and I was thinking like something might have happened so I thought of moving away from that village; I started my bike and a little boy called from behind,” Uncle, please ruk jao! Hum aaj sab ek sath khana khate hain ,bada maza aata h!” (Uncle, please do stay for some time, today we all eat together and there is so much fun). On hearing this, I don’t know why my perception changed and I decided to stay back. I have never played attention to anyone like this before.

After some time along with all the villagers, I had dinner and after that all the people started sharing their stories, their own true stories, listening to them was very refreshing and rejuvenating. In my whole life of 25 Years, I was feeling like I am connecting to people who are real. They were so empathetic and compassionate towards each other. They care what others were sharing and were eager to offer help. I was mum thinking; I am connected to a lot of people but all alone. That moment was an Aha! moment in my life. My whole life was changed in that very moment. I switched off my phone and was missing my family now. Whole night went like this and the very next morning, I moved back with an idea of Human library!

We were all feeling like Martin at that moment and switched off our phones keeping a time record when to use and how to use?

Martin’s human library taught us:


Take out time for YOU!

Books 📚 contain experiences, some are made and some are true

Stories of people by the people is a wonderful idea to get some clue


By Deepika Oberoi