Who we are ??


To understand this, first let us understand our thinking pattern 🤔

There are two types of thinking; one is Convergent thinking and Divergent thinking

Convergent thinking is based on facts ,logic and can defined as the ability to give correct solution to a problem  .It was coined by Joy Paul Gulliford . Let me explain you with examples our MCQ, quiz or objective questions  . If we take an example of our stories, let’s say  the story of  A Hare and A Tortoise since childhood  we are listening this story with a moral value of  slow and steady wins the race

One problem, One solution

Now let’s understand Divergent thinking It’s just the opposite of convergent thinking, generate more ideas to any problem.  Its more of a creative process and comes free flow and is spontaneous in nature  e.g The same old story of The Hare and A Tortoise, we can think from a A Hare’s perspective  ( taking self care in respect of taking a nap and viewing the nature seemed to be more important than winning itself )

Or we can think of many perspectives or solutions to a single problem

When convergent and Divergent thinking combines its like “THINKING OUT OF THE BOX

For the whole life since our birth we emphasize on I . I am this  ,I have done this  .I am a person who does this — I write ✍️—– I 🎬 act —‐ I draw and much more and I never know what I am going to do next

In my opinion we will be imprisoned in our thinking patterns if we keep thinking ourselves as a Noun

Oscar wilde said , If you know what you want to be then you inevitably become it – that is your punishment, but if you never know you can be anything

R.Buckminster Fuller’s classic, I seem to be a verb
I live on Earth at present 
and I don't know what I am
I know that I am not a category.
I am anot a thing - A noun
I seem to be a verb,
An evolutionary process-
An integral function of the Universe

People who think they are Noun have more of convergent thinking pattern .They believe in certainity, conclusions, firm opinions, priorities  and most importantly closure ———- this is All  nothing beyond that.  Their attitude towards life is ME! I AM

On the other hand Verb people prefer to have Divergent thinking pattern. They can think of multiple solutions to a problem ,tentative conclusions and most importantly open to new .

We as individuals are brought with the pattern of noun thinking  our conditioning is like that.  But as a individual I enjoy being a verb more than a Noun——-‘open to newness  ,mistakes, learning  .A person who is ” work in progress “

I enjoy my life both as a Noun and a Verb but more I enjoy in combination of both ——- A “NERB” OR A “VOUN”

But since few years with me along with my clients, I prefer to give a new word to this, I am living as a VERN ( MORE OF A VERB AND LESS OF A NOUN)

More of a Verb

What is your perspective regarding this viewpoint ??

Happy Reading

Love ❤️

Deepika ✍️