We are really moving very fast towards a future that is different from the present and we want it to be absolutely different from the past. And for that Our vision should be consistent with reality so that we can have a better sight of today and thus it  can help us to cope away with the adversities of future .

In my previous blog https://lifeislovedotin.wordpress.com/2021/03/08/a-perfect-life/https://lifeislovedotin.wordpress.com/2021/03/08/a-perfect-life/  I have already mentioned that it’s a  myth and perfection is only a word in the dictionary but rather should not implied in our lives as being perfect doesn’t leaves room for improvement as it’s a full stop ,nothing beyond that .

Perfection has been a perennially fascinating idea for philosophers and scientists alike e.g Aristotle was a believer in absolute 💯 Perfection. He viewed Perfection as completeness ,means a state where the further improvement is not possible .This has remained a classic definition of Perfection through the ages  .In the understanding of Greeks and Christians ,only the Earth was ‘Perfect ‘ among all the celestial bodies and the circle 🔵 🔴 was PERFECT among all the geometric shapes and since the universe of  God’s creation ,it had to be perfect.

Human beings are not perfect in nature or simply imperfect. Being perfectly imperfect defined by Grieger (2013) is the acceptance people individual to themselves as who they’re and that people are not perfect in nature .However imperfections are looked or understood as flaws and then people start comparing themselves with another and start rating themselves to gain perfection. To simply put perfection is a continuous process rather than a definite result and hence can never be complete .Incompleteness always have a space to fill and gives a potential for further development. Therefore ,Vanini said perectio  propter imperfectionem ( perfection depends on imperfections)

We seek to be socially perfect.  When we are in midst of a crowd we always feel that all the eyes are on us judging for a single mistake we make ( spotlight effect) or that we are  telling this to ourself at that moment and our mind goes on an endless loop of thinking it and playing it over and over again which gives a room for mistake and for that one mistake ,Self defeating ,Self bashing thoughts start beginning. But in reality may be possible that No one thought twice about our goof- up but it’s our anxious mind which doesn’t let’s us see the truth. It’s not a bad idea to set standards but when we don’t work to our expectations then we feel incompetent which creates a lot of frustration as we can’t trust anyone to get things done and  always have a fear that if things go wrong ,it will ruin our reputation .Our unrealistic expectations and beliefs always make us to criticize and judge us and others and it leads to so many more issues in so many areas in life.

Actually Perfection is nothing but an illusion whose root cause is some rigid beliefs which causes us to view things as anomalies rather than precious mutations ,deviations from a a determined path

Let’s take some examples

The oil lamp which we light daily in the evenings or on some Hindu festivities looks so beautiful when it gives a yellow flame. But from the point of physics ,if a flame is combusting ( burning 🔥) incompletely if it burns yellow and if it burns blue then it is  combusting completely. But which flame gives greater illumination and which flame you want to capture in your camera ??

Was it completeness/ perfection that win or ???

The babies when take little baby steps look so sweet and adorable. Each and every single imperfect step wins the heart of millions

The moon in itself is so imperfect and so are you and me ,then why a discrepancy ; it’s loved and and a pleasure to watch by millions

Perfectly imperfect

Tangled hair falling here and there look more beautiful than tied in bobby pins and bands

The moment we attain that goal  what we call as perfection loses its value and our vision of perfection changes and latches onto something still higher