poem, life, my journey ,original

My life wasn't easy since the time I was born ,
It was full of hardships and health issues ;
Like a path filled with less roses but more thorns!

Bullied I was lot ,when I was a child ,
Emotions were on a tsunami ,for that I require tissues;
Teased and mocked ,yet there were good friends with whom I laughed and cried !

Being not pretty ,I was compared to my sister which I didn't like at all,
Weak I was in Maths , being insulted and punished put me in a cocoon ;
My handwriting and my spellings were good which made me stand out and thrawl!

My house was the place where I cherished my childhood ,
Although it wasn't in a good shape ,leaking in Monsoon ,
Yet ,it was the best place in the world which always made me feel good !

My family was loving which made me accepted the way I am,
They never demanded ,scolded although gave me a voice and choice;
My father loved me the most and his love made me swam !

I used my weaknesses as a strength to cover the distances of mine ,
It builded my character with good values and poise ;
They helped me to walk, run and come out of the difficulties and made me Shine !

A wooden scale ,some walls and desire to teach ,
Perseverance , determination and self-confidence led my " Life chose me " a path where I wanted to reach !

Now , I am grateful for all the things around me ,
My pain and my struggles moulded and made me an optimist ;
My life is not perfect but enough as I made others Heal along me with a glee !

📝 Deepika