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  A.........AT TIMES OF

        N.........NEGATIVE ATTITUDE


Pain is an indispensable part of our life .Since the time we are born till we die ; we undergo different types of pain . Whether it’s a part of our growing processes or healing , it can’t be neglected .

We can say that ,”Pain is a journey from suffering to transformation “

I too have gone through different types of pain in my life and I am sure You too also have . Some pains are Physical which we get after getting hurt and some are Emotional which can lead to sensations of physical pains or can be referred as psychosomatic pains .Actually pain is like an AlARMBELL to indicate that something, somewhere is wrong in our body ,mind or soul .Each person’s experience and its way of dealing is different ;  “Some flow and grow with Pains whereas some become hollow with Pains  ” Its only the mindset and attitudes which decide which way to choose .!!

Being a psychologist /psychotherapist , my view regarding Emotional pain and suffering is that , it can be a good news ,rather than denying and running from physical pain and suffering .  I know and understand that it creates a distressing feeling but if we embrace the pain through different coping mechanisms by changing our thought processes  it  however help us in transformation of oneselves.

The psychology of  Pain believes that by accepting the pain with empathy ,compassion helps to aim oneself treat the person in pain rather than pain itself .A pain psychologist’s job is to work with the mental health issues that can be the trigger or that can be feeding into tha physical pain which the patient or the client is experiencing .and help them to manage and reduce the effect which the pain is creating into their lives .

In psychotherapy ,which is my practice , We help to reduce client or patients pain to increase the contentment of their lives so that it can lower the pain medications which can have a bad impact on physical health if taken for in a continuous run. According to American Psychological Asociation (APA) , when a chronic patient undergoes  treatment from a pychotherapist or pain psychologist ,they are asked series of questions regarding their physicaland mental health ,their concerns about pain ,their outlook regarding their health Which can help  to keep a track of the pattern and in return plan a tailored approach that fits best for the client / patient .

Various treatments include :

* Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT )

*  Rational Emotive Behaviour Therapy (REBT )

* Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT )

* Mindfulness training

* Meditation and Relaxation training

All these approaches and their effect and the longevity of seeking pain psychotherapy varies from person to person . If you are the one who is undergoing and experiencing some pain which is playing a major role in your life or You know anyone who needs help , you can kindly contact us or can refer the person who is in need . as THIS IS THE ONLY ONE LIFE WE ARE HAVING !



“The Cure for Pain is in the Pain ” —- Rumi