A   Boy named  Ramaswamy was born and brought up in a very simple family . His father was a simple clerk in a post office in a town named Pallavaram in Chennai.  Ramaswamy was the elder son and he had a younger sister whom he used to adore a lot . Both the siblings share a good bonding with each other . The whole family was so attatched ; But one thing that use to make Ramaswamy feel sad and bothered was that he was not able to fulfill his wishes .His sister whom he used to love a lot kept so much desires and wishes in herself only .

One day , the whole family went on a fair which was organized at a nearby place on children’s day . The kids were very excited as they were going after a long time. Seeing so many rides ,stalls of food and toys ,the kids were very happy . But within a short span of time , he was feeling like going home as was not able to do all the activities which he wanted to do ; although his sister parvati was enjoying the outing and company of his family .

The scarcity of money was the only factor that made Ramasawamy to work harder and harder . He was doing good in studies and was also a helping hand at home . He worked hard in studies as he wanted to become a rich person , so that he could fulfill all the wishes of his children which he couldn’t. And ,one day his hard work paid off , he bacame a software engineer and started working in a MNC .

Earning well in his life ,he was very happy . After the marriage of his sister parvati ; he too got married to a beautiful lady named chandrika . Everything was going good and after 3 years of his married life ,he became a father of a healthy son . The whole family was very happy and now Ramaswamy was remebering his childhood ,the promises which he made to himself , The time has come to fulfill it !

He started working more harder and harder and in result was not able to spend much time with family . Whatever he wasn’t able to get in his chidhood ,he was bringing for his son . The whole house was filled with toys and materials which one can think of ! But what was not there was the time , touch and company of his father . The son started feeling a lack of love .

Slowly and slowly ,his son (Ankur ) became 5 years old and it was his birthday today . The family , included his grandparents was very busy in doing all the preparations . In the morning there was a puja at home and in the evening ,there was a lavish party . The whole day was very hectic and tied up. In the evening ,after the cake cutting ceremony all the guests were enjoying the dinner ,Ramaswamy asked his wife , Where is Ankur ? .To this ,she replied that being tired the housekeeper took him in his room .

What happened to Ramaswamy ,he himself was not aware but his footsteps led him towards his son’s room . When he reached his room ,he saw holding his favorite bunny in his hand ,he was lying in the bed . Mindfully watching his footsteps ,Ramaswamy lied down along with his son . Ankur didnot showed a single expression ,his face was Blank . He asked his son , “Are you not happy “? . ” I am tired ” ,replied Ankur. The father hugged his son tightly and then after few seconds ,Arjun asked his father ,” PAPA , how much do you earn within an hour “?

Ramaswamy was so surprised ,hearing this question from a 5 year old boy ! His mind started pondering about if he has left any stone unturned in raising his son . After a while he answered , Why this question my dear . ” Papa ,please tell me na “, Ankur said. Ummmmmm , without thinking too much ,he said 200 rs . Carrying a BIG SMILE on his face ,Arjun ran and within a while he was in front of his father with 200 rs in his hand . He gave 200 rs to his father .

Ramaswamy was so surprised ,What his little one wants to ask or show . He said, ” What I will do with this 200 rs . Arjun said .”CAN WE EXCHANGE ????????????????????


A child is a child with very few needs , love ,hope and someone who believes in them . 

Parenting is an art and its different for each and everyone . Its an ongoing process . Whatever works for you might not work for others .

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deepika oberoi