What the **** ?

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Whether day to day language or the culture we are living in ,All is become westernised .Hey , I am not against any culture or any language. But some words like abusive language or slang words ,I  dont like at all . Even though I can’t avoid listening  as I am a part of the Society too. Every show that  comes on OTT platform or any Movie you see ,all is al- ost full  of foul language .

I am a mother of two sons .One fine day my little one after playing with his friends came home and  asked me ,” Mumma , What is the meaning of FUCK ?????

Quite shocked was I to hear this word from my 8 year old boy !What to reply at that point of time ,I couldn’t think of !

I took a pause , took a long breath and said ,” you first make yourself clean up , have your dinner and then we can discuss .” But ,he made me think ,what to answer ???? Children should get a correct reply from parents ,if not ; they keep searching on the GOOGLE BABA or they will get the knowledge from their friends or somewhere else ; which in my  point of view is wrong . His tender age of 8 kept me thinking that what should I answer and how ? OR this is the correct  time  to make him know  this ?  Woven into this thoughts whole night , I decided to call my Mentor Dr .Bhonsle .

I called him up and but he didn’t pick the call and I texted him in return ,the issue I was facing .  At Evening ,I got a reply that 8 years of age is the correct age of asking and getting right responses . He said go through the BOOK ” The Complete book of SEX EDUCATION ‘ , and then decide how and what answer you should give to your child .

I was feeling very light and calm down after getting this message from Sir . I read the book although a different one but after reading I was very sure and clear , ” How to make my child undersatnd the correct meaning of FUCK ?”

Bed time story telling is the best time to initiate any  discussions and theories which I want to make him understand . This ,I am doing from the last 19  years with my older one too . Making a story of my own and taking help from the Book , I made my child understand the meaning and difference of Fuck and What is Love ?

And , along with that , I am thankful that he asked that question as bec ause of that question only , I gotta made him explain so many topics which parents usually avoid discussing with BOYS !

** Dear parents ,

                           whenever your  children raise any coversation which you find not suitable to answer , don’t try to question ,ignore and be hard on them .Don’t feel shame in any subject as its a part of growing and very Normal !

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Deepika Oberoi

Psychotherapist /counselor /Inclusive educator