This is what I heard when my son’s online class was going on .

Let me share you the full story .

My son who is studying in 3rd standard always surprise me his witty answers . His teacher , whenever she starts any new topic makes sure that it is interesting and all children participates very keenly . The Topic :  which she has started that day was Transportation .

This is a very familiar topic for kids as starts at Kindergarten level only. ALTHOUGH, the topic is same yet it is different as the grades progresses.  My kiddo was very much interested as he has lot of interest in automobiles, ✈ aeroplanes . I have observed that boys especially has a great affection towards Bikes and cars. He has a huge collection of cars of different shapes and sizes . Whenever someone asks him ,what  he wants as a gift ,usually his answer is , ” CARS or BLOCKS “.

As usual , the class started and the teacher was explaining the different Modes of transportation, their working ,their uses and of course their limitations too. The history of transportation :  About the Early Man, how wheel was invented and so on.  After explaining the topic ,she usually makes the children visualize and draw ,what they have learnt . So ,she asked the kids to draw their favourite modes of transportation whether it was from land transport ,water transport or air transport .

All the children started drawing and she gave 10 minutes for this activity to be completed . After 10 minutes ,she started asking by name ,who has drwan WHAT ??  All have drawn according to their interest and Like !

Now , when teacher called out my son’s name ,my ear got raised to listen what he has drawn !  After few seconds ,I heard ,” The BEST ANSWER VIHAAN ” , To my surprise ,I quickly ran off to where he was studying and asked him to show ,What he has drawn ?

The Best Answer

Yes,indeed it was the Best Answer