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This year this festival is special for me as last year due to health issues ,I coudn’t did the fasting . Last year ,I was feeling so empty as I love this festival ,can’t express why ? Although ,I DONT BELIEVE IN ALL THESE RITUALS BUT I LOVE TO FOLLOW AS ITS for my loved one . ❤

With all the energy , I started preparing for the festival  . Gave the dress to Tailor which my  mother in law has gifted me. Applied Mehndi on both of my hands . and thinking of What to wear on the Pooja day? opened the Almirah and after a lot of exercise .took out My MIL’s sari . Saturday Evening, I thought ,Let me prepare SWEET at Home only as the outside sweets ,food , I am not able to eat so thought of preparing BURFI . And it was worth making as it came out really well as everyone in the house gave a 10/10 to me .

love to apply henna since childhood
Home made Burfi !

My Husband is my best friend ,my hero .He insisted me a lot not to do fasting taking my health as a concern . My mind was somewhat also saying like that but HEART was in full enthusiasm .So ,It was decided that I am keeping it .To support me , my better half also kept it with me

We got up early for sargi (its a ritual to get up early and you have to eat the sweets ,fruit ,meal ,coconut and water before the sun becomes visible . we both ate together and had a lovely morning together ).

My mother in law’s Sari : loved to wear that ,almost 40 years old sari but seems very NEW

The day starts proceeding and in the evening I got ready for pooja and did it with one of my friend who stays in our apartment . After that ,we went to temple to seek blessings and started waiting for the moon to be visible . According to the ritual ,we can break our fast after seeing the moon . But I could have the feeling that I will not be able to eat as I got an attack of trigeminal neuralgia ,Since afternoon ,facial pain started and it got aggravated as the day proceeded. It happens whenever , there is a break in my sleeping pattern and above all I havenot fully recovered since my Surgery .

At 9 pm , I laid the food on Dining and asked the children to have it . Husband was having a watch outside and suddenly he called me ,” Come in the Balcony” , A clear view of moon was visible from there . We both break our fast by drinking water from each other’s hands . But couldn’t able to eat Dinner .

This is how My beautiful day ended ! Although the latter part of day wasn’t gone well but I had a great ,loving and a beautiful spent day with my loved one .

Keep doing things which you love to do !