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M     – Master

A     – At      

   T       -Troubling

          H     – Homo

               S      – Sapiens

Anyone can become a Mathematician , IF , given training and proper guidance at the very early years of life which are called  the foundations years of life .

Review your childhood when reading this . How was your rapport with your maths teacher? you loved maths or you hated ?

Ofcourse Maths is an important and interesting subject and has its applications in all areas of life whether its cooking , buying daily groceries or Shopping. 

Research and my own experience says ,it can be made easier and enjoyable if the curriculum and provided the teacher makes it interesting . I did a survey on a group of people in the age group of 20 years to 40 years and 85% of people replied, they Don’t love maths as their teacher wasn’t good 10 % people replied they Love it as their teacher was very nice and  5 % people said they didnot have any interest.

Let me tell you a Story of a girl who hates maths

Mishika was the only girl child of Priya and Ranjan , As she was the only girl she got so much love and affection from her parents as well as her grandparents . Her Mom was a well Qualified teacher but she left her job as she wants to enjoy parenthood and to make her child give her the best of education and time .

As Mishika grew up ,she was enrolled to the best playschool  she was enjoying going to school , learning new things ,making new friends as she was a funfilled and chirpy girl . As soon her playschool was over , she was admitted to a new school for her primary education.  She was having some tough time at that school .

Shes started learning things but she was not able to pick up the pace like other  children. Her teachers were very rigid and stringent. Apart from other subjects , the most difficult she was finding was MATHS .

At home she was able to do the things which she was not able to do in the school. Her mother’s teaching experience  , love and new strategies and skills were helping her alot. But at school she was not able to handle and slowly she become a  thorn in her teachers  eyes ( A Real Eyesore). Punishments like standing on the table in front of all children, standing out of the class , loud scolding of teachers have become a part of her daily life.

One day after coming from the school she was very  quiet and sad. She did not ate her Lunch and went in her Toy room .Holding her favourite doll in her hand she laid down on the Bed . Priya followed her and started enquiring about why she left her food and Why she is sad ? “Does something happened at the school “, Priya questioned . But ,the little Mishika was not in the state to reply . She started crying and told her mother to go out of the room as she wanted to BE ALONE !  Priya become so sad and she got a hint that for sure something bad had happened in the school . She hugged her daughter ,let her cry and said .” I am there for you ,whenever you feel like you can tell me “. 

After crying for almost half an hour she became light and slept there . In the evening she woke up and started playing with her toys . When her father ( Ranjan ) came from Office ,she ran to welcome her papa and seeing a chocolate in his hand she  felt very Happy . she asked her granny , What is there in the dinner today ? And to that ,Granny replied your mommy has made your favourite dish . Can you guess ? she answered ,PAV -BHAJI ! YES ,you are correct my darling .

She ate her stomach full as she was very hungry .  Seeing her eating ,priya felt good but she was feeing restless and afraid of what was happening with Mishika . Priya and Ranjan decided that very night that we will discuss this issue with her teachers and school management.

Next day ,they took an appointment with her class teacher and went to the school . On discussing the issue , they found that teacher was labelling Mishika as a slow ,stubborn and a child who doesn’t want to study  . They got very Disturbed by the teacher’s wrong attitude . On showing the books to teacher which Mishika used to do with her Mother , Priya said , ” If this is true ,How come Mishika is doing well at home “.?The  teacher become little surprised but she was so adamant and refused to accept.

Slowly and Slowly the situation become so worse that the maths teacher was after Priya all the time . Mishika was becoming silent  , stopped playing and her eating patterns changed . She was not the same  adorable girl which she used to be .!

The family decided to take her to a child psychologist . On assessment ,it was found that she had an average intelligence . In few sessions with the therapist , Mishika was becoming better .

Her parents  changed her school and now Mishika has started going to her new school with new enthusiasm and a new  belief that ” We all are unique and special ”

Why Mishika started learning in her new school as according to her previous teacher “She is a stubborn child who doesn’t want to study?

If every teacher ,teaches the way a child needs to be understood  , I am sure all can do wonders. Same happened with Mishika , her new school ,her teachers put a lot of confidence in her  ,that all the potential of the girl  came out. Her parents were so supportive and they understood what their child needs and their correct decision at correct time helped the girl .

Please don’t be after your children for marks and let them compete with themself ,not with others

Understand them ,what are their needs and make communication a daily part of your routine

Never ever compare them with others

Let them do mistakes as failures are necessary for learning

Three of my students love Maths despite they are not good at . Why? The teachers are making the subject interesting , I am really happy that our education system is changing and some schools have already started Inclusive Education.


Ray of Hope