I loved ,Oh I didnot love my school uniform ,it was of dark grey color with a striped tie in grey and red with grey socks and black shoes . Other school children used to tease us by saying that we look like mechanic in that Grey uniform Isn’t it ??? I don’t think so , But , I miss my uniform , it reminds me of my school days , which were mixed of fun , memories and carefree days .

Uniform means which does not change in form or character and remain same in all cases

That’s why each and every school ,each and every occupation has a particular uniform . School uniform is the symbol of equality and harmony. It provides a learning environment in school.

The idea of school uniform started in 16th century in United states .Research shows that Christ School Hospital in England in 1552 was first one to Start a school uniform . Some Countries like Germany , Students can go to school in whatever dress they like ; whereas in United sates some schools require school uniforms and some school do not. But in other countries like England and India ,its mandatory to wear a school uniform . In my idea too, a School uniform should be mandatory for all and this covid made this belief much more stronger.

Originally ,school uniforms were introduced to hide the social differences between the students , but they also bring comfort and safety to a child . They are economical for each and everyone . After putting the school uniform ,the line of difference suddenly vanishes which exist between us .Nobody is rich or poor and all are equal is the fundamental idea behind school uniform .Uniforms are also thought to improve discipline and school spirit .

There are several types of Economic Bullying which can be reduced by use of school uniform . They are a key way of developing a sense of togetherness among students and it brings Cohesion .

My idea writing behind this blog is that , I personally experienced and felt the importance of A SCHOOL UNIFORM. My Son who was studying in Vibgyor High international School till 2020 feb , has changed its school to Vishwajyot High School due to exhorbitant fees of school . The curriculum and the study was all good . Me and my child were both satisfied and he was enjoying thorougly in that school but we were facing some sort of financial issues and so we decided to change his school . Thankfully he agreed, as he understands that Change is a necessary part of life and it is the only one thing that is stable. So we took his admission in a new school . But suddenly the Covid 19 striked , One month was left for my son to go to vibgyor and suddenly one day he came from school and in the evening the notice came that due to covid, schools will be remain shut until prior notice and till date they are closed and god knows when they are going to open.

However , My son’s new school started in April 2020 and as we are all aware that due to complete lockdown all the shops were closed . So we were not able to buy a new school uniform for him. And , full year he kept on studying online in normal dresses in fancy colourful clothes . Although , later on the shops were open but we were dither to buy as almost much of the session was passed and we thought of buying it in the new session.

This session (april 2021 ) the school started and the first thing along with books we kept ready was the UNIFORM . Along with my son , I was excited too, as after one year I was going to see him in the attire in which a student needs to be ! And believe me its the most imporatnt part of a child ‘s life .

Last full year he was studying in the online sessions without uniform and you know what after finishing his work ,he used to roam around in the whole home . He used to skate in between ,make crafts and also do chitchatting with us . Thank god ! he never missed anything important but the seriousness that once should be seatable and attendable when class is going on comes with uniform !

Now sincerely ,miracle happened after he has started attending virtual classes in his new school uniform .He keeps sitting when the class is going on and after finishing his work ,he doesn’t use to get up and finish his home assignments rather .

Uniform has again brought discipline in his life !

Let’s hope that the current situation the whole world is facing shall pass away soon And , again we all will see our kids ,getting up in the morning ,taking their tiffins and sitting in their school buses ,waving bye to us, enjoying their childhood with friends and much more ,,,

Please take care of yourself and your family !!

Love Deepika