When will Whole India will get Vaccinated?

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India began its vaccination drive on 16th January 2021.

The first program was for Frontline workers including police, paramilitary forces, sanitation workers and disaster management workers / volunteers or that million of workers who were in direct contact and dealing with corona patients . Each Vaccination center was having Covishield or covaxin, but not both ; The target set was 30 million workers but only 14 million got vaccinated getting short of the original target .

The next program was for senior citizens i.e for all the people who were above age 60 and for those people who were having comorbidities and were between the age of 45 and 60 .

My Mom, My in laws fall in this age group and me not in the senior citizen group but with in the group having comorbidities and those health line workers who were left in the first phase ; but I decided to take later on as I haven’t taken my doctor’s advice .My parents were very confused , better to say that they were not in a hurry as we all take time to accept Changes . Don’t we??????

Now, when they heard their nears and dears taking the vaccination ,finally they took their first dose and it was the first step to fight that invisible enemy and we were all waiting ” When will our turn come ” ?????

Then next phase started with the age group of 45 + from 1st April and then on 19th of April ,it was announced that From 1st of May next phase of vaccination will start extending eligibility to all residents over the age of 18 . This phase has to cover a large population of India, as our country consist of major youth population .

So, Under phase 3 individual stakeholders were given more flexibility in how they conduct the vaccine program .As part of this plan, only half of the vaccines supplied by manufacturers to the Central Drugs Laboratory would be distributed by the central government. This supply would go to government-run clinics and be offered free-of-charge to residents 45 and over and priority workers, and siphoned off to states based on factors such as the number of active cases and how quickly they are administering vaccines. The remainder would be offered to individual states and purchased on the open market (including private hospitals), which would be able to serve residents over the age of 18.

People have to register on their cowin app after giving their details and wait for their turn and exactly what we were doing , We did our registration and start waiting . BUT IN VAIN . People were getting vaccinated but all through sources . So many societies merge together and arranged the vaccine shots ,Some for 850 ,some for 1000 ,some where it is 1200 ,1400 and somewhere for 1500 .Not heard beyond that .If YOU people have ,please share your views .

Some of the schools also started arranging vaccination drive , but the cost of vaccine was beyond the reach of a MANGO MAN. My question is that if vaccines are not available through cowin app and people are trying hard for their turn ; HOW come PEOPLE ,SOCIETIES ,SCHOOLS ARE ARRANGING THESE DOSES AND DEMANDING THE MONEY WHATEVER THEY WANT!

Our Society is equally responsible for that as people are running in a rat race and trying to get first in taking these Shots and paying the money which is not required . Few days before , I got a personal message from a group which is run by some authoritative person that some vaccination drive is going to run somewhere and if you are interested please call on the gievn no.(xxxxxxxxxx) .I enquired that this is paid or free ? The reply was ” YES, its paid ” . I responded , This vaccination is the need of an hour and each and every citizen has the right to take it . Why and how come its coming at different rates . It should be free and if paid ,minimal cost should be there . And moreover people are not getting their slots booked through cowin app.

I got the reply , “Wait for few more days ,it will be available easily and hope so free”

NO OPTION WE had . started waiting and lets see When ME, MY BETTER HALF AND MY SON GET VACCINATED AND HOW ???

Now, the Supreme court on May 31 ,announced a strong judgement pointing out the flaws in the COVID VACCINATION policy adopted by the central government. This compelled the central government to make changes to the policy . And now Our PM on 7th of June announced that those between 18 to 44 age group will get free vaccination .

lets see how it works now ,