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A question for you all?

If the relationships are not working or on the verge of breaking due to some or the other reason ,just make a question to yourself ?

IF YOU WERE IN THE OTHER PERSON’S SHOES ,WHAT WOULD YOU WANT FOR THEM TO DO FOR YOU ? CAN YOU DO THE SAME FOR THEM :     SOUNDS SIMPLE ,BUT NOT !!! But if people will try this beautiful empathetic tecnique ,many realtionships can be saved from downfall.

When anger , unhealthy attitude sweeps in we are not in the position to think and respond . Instead WE REACT

Relationships is what make the world go around. Mankind is a social species , This has been true for as long humans have been around , Theories also proves that NOONE can live in isolation .The greatest civilizations in the world has never came into being because of human – to -human realtionships .

There are many benefits that come when we are in a good and healthy realtionships :

Better Health : when we are surrounded by positive and good people around us ,we feel better both physically and mentally .stress is relieved and there is an even exchange of energy

We can become better us : Nothing is better than being surrounded by people who appreciates and criticize us when required . One should always have a ” kalyan mitra “ We can model and adopt new habits and modify ourselves by seeing our closest one doing those good things.

Double our happiness and lessen our sorrows : My mom used to say always When we share our sadness or your experiences which you feel heavy emotionally with other people ,they become half the weight they were before and when on the opposite good experiences are shared  with your loved ones ,they multiply and becomes double .

Now the question arises ,what can a person do if he dont have a family , NO WORRIES ,we can make a family ,extend our relationships .Whole Universe is ours !

Here are some tips for maintaining healthy relationships

*Why we fail in our relationships? When we make unexpected demads ,keep realistic expectations

* Be flexible , rigid attitudes make life rigid

* Communication is a key to healthy relationship ,Talk more with each other .

* Often we take care of others and dont take care of ourselves and demand the same that others should take care of us . take care of youself too !!

* Ask for help ! taking help doesnt demean you.

* Making use of proper ,effective and right language at right time.

* Give space in relations ,don’t control and dont get controlled.

* Respect is the key . Listen ( means actual listening ,not just waiting to speak ) . Try to understand others perspective too, thats the way to show RESPECT

* Trust and support are the two major factors which can build sny relation healthy.

So ,my mantra for healthy Relationship is (threads of life ) is ACT

A : Acceptance ( as the person is )

3C : Compromise , Commitment and Communication

T : Trust and Boundaries

Keep the spark of love glowing !!

Love Deepika

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