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Last few days were a little tough for our family as we were not well . This is not that it happened for the first time but this time the situation was a little changed as having little cold and cough gives you a terrible feeling because after this onset of covid 19 whenever someone gets a little sneezing , cough and fever ;it seems to give a different perspective to the familiar situation

15th April 2021

My little one was very much fine since morning and in the evening we all agreed to play a Board game together but as his brother had to submit a presentation the very same day ,he refused to play and his father also said he is not in the mood to play , I told him We two will play together but he wanted to play with all and started crying . He goes to cycle down in our society premises but was not ready to go down and was in a very bad mood .

It happens sometimes, he was hurt and may be there were some reasons attached to it .After crying for almost an hour ,he settled down and was normal .We had a long talk and he was feeling bad for that . I made him understand that ,Its very much OKAY to feel BAd but sometimes circumstances and situations are not in our favour and the plans we make fail . Its good to GO WITH THE FLOW! And again he was in a peppy mood in which he always remains .

We slept at 10 in the night and suddenly we heard his wailing sound and when I touched him he was a little warm , and when I checked his temperature ,it was 99.8 . I gave him Crocin and make him hydrated and tried to make him sleep but in vain . He was having a bad headache and was not able to sleep and at 5 am in the morning ,he puked three times and slept after that ; Got up after three hours with a high fever of 102 .

We got really scared and took him to his doctor (homoeopath ) he said he dont have any signs of cold and cough and will be better soon . After taking medicines for two days ,he was much better .But for the two days he didn’t ate much . We were in full gratitude that he was fine .

16th April

My husband brought Mangoes and we were all happy as we all are mango lover . We ate after dinner and I felt having a little throat pain after eating that and in the morning my son also felt the same irritation in his throat . I was having a sense of catching an illness and happened the same .

17th April

My maid who has given her sample for covid testing on 15th of April tested positive . I was in a meeting in the evening and that time my husband gave me a message that two of the maids of our Society are covid positive and ours is one of them and we will be home quarrantined for the next 10 days . He brought some groceries and vegetables as we were not allowed to step out of the house .

There were messages popping up in the society group that those families whose maids are positive have to undergo RTPCR . Some families were in favour and some were opposing it. We were also in Dilemma ,a state of confusion WHAT TO DO ??? As throat pain was there , and two days back my little one also fell ill. WHAT TO DO?

But the very same day we decided to segregate ouselves ,our bedrooms , bathrooms and whatever possible .we started maintaining distance from each other .The very next day my elder one got fever and it was high , and the very next I also had . Cold ,cough bodyache all were there . My husband was having bodyache ,no fever.


There were advises also from Relatives that go for a RTPCR . We contacted our Homoeopath ,told the situation we were facing and the symptoms of me and my son .He said LET’S WORK ON THE TREATMENT AND NOT ON THE DIAGNOSIS . He sent the medicines by courier . In the meanwhile ,I also contacted my Doctor where I undergone my surgery at JASLOK HOSPITAL . she told me to wait , monitor the symptoms ,check the O2 every three hours . The very day we were clear not to undergo any testing .

My son had fever for two days and I had for the very first day and the fifth day . cold ,cough ,sneezing Muscular pain was there but we were fine soon .

For all those who are having symptoms of cold cough ,fever , have undergone covid or are facing , please make sure that each and every cold cough is not covid . Our Body talks to us ,gives indiations .please do listen to that .Maintaining mental equilibrium is very important .

I will give you a simple RULE of 3 (R * D )




I have seen people ,when they fall ill ,they so much self pity on themselves that this pityness makes them feel handicapped

Taking rest ,relaxing and rejuvenating helps you feel more energetic .Unfortunately , I was myself ill , So have to do all the chores but thankfully my whole family is very supportive and luckily my moms stays nearby ,so that will be big help for us . But in that tough phase after completing the chores ,I used to rest . For relaxation my SKY sudarshan kriya ,breathing exercises helped me a lot . And we rejuvenated ourselves by playing family games like Carrom ,Ludo ,Word builder and many more .We watched movies together and helped each other . I THINK THIS IS THE BEST PART OF A FAMILY




The most important thing that helps you in recovering you from an illness is your diet . We inculcated hot water ,kadha ,hot milk with turmeric ,tulsi, soup and fresh light food . please avoid spicy and fried food as illness has an impact on our digestion .

Deed is what you are doing ,the activities .Avoid usage of gadgets ,sleep on time and do what you feel good .Every one is unique and one single formula doesnt work for all. Talking to your loved ones ,your friends is in itself an immunity booster.

Disposition here means mental disposition . keep yourself away from any negativity . keep news channels at a Bay. negativity attracts negativity and positivity attracts positivity . I know its a difficult time , I have also lost many of my closed ones , I am really sad and sorry for what happened to them . May god rest their soul in peace .But its not necessary that whatever happened to them is going to happen to myself .

If you keep youself calm and relaxed ,you will be in a better position to understand yourself and take decisions

You can try these activities for your mental disposition


Breathing exercises like Brahmari ,anulom vilom helps in detoxification shavasan helps in calming you down


Cooking (trying new things )

praying ,and having gratitude

penning down your thoughts will help in creating a room in your head

Whatever is in our control ,we can do that ,rest of the decision leave to the Divine .HE will do whatever best and suitable for us .

So dont run for any testing unless and until its required because it will create only panic for you , if your fever is persisting for five or more days , you are not able to walk around in the house and feeling breathless ,your eating patterns have become slower and you dont feel like eating ,then its a matter of concern . Keep checking your oxygen levels .

Make yousrself connected with the doctor you trust and most important dont SELF – MEDICATE .

After almost 15 days we went to our doctor . All was fine now , I asked him that It was normal cold cough or something else , and he replied to that there are 50-50 chances



If you are facing any issues related to mental health and dealing with post traumatic issues after covid ,connect to me .

love Deepika