We all are energy and we take energy in so many forms whether it be water or food .

We all are surrounded by energy and it keeps flowing from one state to another and it is necessary too: because , if the energy gets blocked or static at one point, it will be and can be a cause of so many diseases.


Chemical formula H2O suggests that it has oxygen in it and its life . Its of vital importance to all living beings .

One of the statistics show that the brain and heart are composed of 73% water and the lungs are about 83% water .The skin contains 64% water ,muscles and kidneys are having 79% water even the bones are 31% watery .

Every one tells us or we know actually that we should drink a good amount of water as it’s necessary to maintain our electrolyte balance ,lubricate our joints ,for a good skin ,regulate our body temperature and a proper amount of cell growth . BUT DO WE KNOW HOW TO DRINK WATER ?

Mostly people drink water in a gulp or when they are super thirsty to quench their thirst . Whenever a person drinks a large amount of water standing ,it doesn’t get used by our body ,but infact gets released So, of No Use🙃

The correct way to drink water is to sit down and drink it sip by sip .As water is Energy and we should be mindful when we are taking this energy •

My grandmother always use to tell us that don’t drink water from a bottle, drink it by a glass and whenever we use to come home drenched in sweats ,she use to tell us WAIT , let your body cool।down ,then drink ,don’t drink while standing, don’t drink chilled water etc etc

Now ,I remember how true she was !! Miss you my loving granny 🥰❤

According to Ayurveda the correct way to drink water imparts lot of health benefits to our body and on the contrary the wrong way of drinking water does so many harm •

So whenever we are drinking water ,we should be ‘mindful’ as we are taking life that is energy

* Never drink water while standing, always sit and drink water sip by sip not in a gulp

Logic : helps in better ,proper and efficient absorption and distribution of water consumed to all body parts and the reason behind the sipping of water and not gulping is because of the fact that our saliva is alkaline in nature and water should be given time to mix with it so that it stabilizes the acid in our stomach

* Water should be drink at room temperature not ice cold or chilled water

Logic : The chilled water will put out the digestive fires and create imbalance in the digestion ( Have you seen dropping water on a hot skillet ? What happens ? The same thing happens when we drink ice cold water ) If not seen ,try it amd then start practicing

* Drink water whenever you feel thirsty

Logic : Whenever your body demands for water give it ,your daily demands are met or satisfied when body has sufficient amounts of 💧. STOP when the thirst is not there . The colour of your urine is a clear indicator

If it’s dark yellow,your body needs more water and is acidic ,needs to be hydrated

If the color of your urine is light or pale yellow or white ,the body doesn’t require much hydration.

Your parched lips can be a sign of dehydration

* Drink hot water in the morning

Logic : helps to clean the bowels , flush out the toxins from the body

* Don’t drink between meals and drink water after 30 or 40 minutes of each meal

Logic: Drinking water between and just after the meals disturbs the process of digestion , The heat released in the process gets cooled down due to drinking water

Drink water before meal and in between if you wanna drink water ,you can have buttermilk ,lemon juice to have a replacement

These quite simple yet effective tips which if followed by all can give us so many fruitful and everlasting effects




* Drink hot water in the morning and without brushing your teeth as our saliva has lot of antibiotic properties in it