#An unwanted guest(contd.)

18th March 2021

Today 6 months have completed since my surgery .

After ,I came back from the hospital things have changed so much .I was not like the one I went to hospital πŸ˜•. For each and every activity, I became dependent be it bathing ,picking things from the floor and many else ….. The main thing, I missed badly was the touch, feel ,hugs of my little one .I was not able to play with him .

I had a radical nephrectomy and a hysterectomy together. As I mentioned in recent blogpost . It was difficult for me to sleep ,walk sit and eat . My eating patterns have changed. I can’t eat according to taste now , little I used to eat and more the pain .

But ,I thank God for making me alive πŸ™. My heartfelt thanks to my Family who was all there for me every time . It was a golden time as I polished myself making full use of it – reading books, taking online counselling sessions ,attending workshops ,writing articles, thoughts , etc β€’ Volunteered for so many and most important I got a gala time to spend with my Mom which perhaps I couldn’t be able to

I have now started taking good care of my overall health β€’

Now ,today six months have passed and my PET scan has came normal and my doctor advised me that I can lead a normal life

But this is a New normal for me as I still feel the discomfort, pain ,weakness and I know it will gradually decrease with passing time β€’

I want to recommend to you all that Please take care of your health whether its physical or mental as this is the most important thing which is with you β€’

The most important lesson I Learnt is Heaven helps those who act


Nobody wants to hear your aches and pains

Whenever someone passes through a bad phase ,it goes through different types of changes whether its physical ,social or emotional and which not handled properly can lead to other disturbances too β€’

Self pity is an acid which eats holes in happiness


This quote gave me a lot of strength and I always look towards life with an affirmative approach

Written by me

If you keep complaining about your illness to yourself and others ,after a little you will notice that nobody is interested in listening to your woes β€’ So , its your problem and you face it ,So why not happily and smoothly ΰ₯° I know it’s not easy but not that difficult and impossible !

Let’s face it !!

When it comes to complaints about illness , the principle of escalation usually rears its ugly head

Let me make you understand how it works , you tell your friends ,nears and dears about the illness you went through ,they might interrupt you and switch the conversation and take you to their own old stories

People love to play this game – Their pain is always worse than yours

But a piece of advise to you

Whenever someone around you goes through a bad phase ,an illness etc ,listen to them lending an ear ,a supporting hand helps thousands to heal

Everyone don’t know how to regulate their emotions β€’

I am blessed ,faith and gratitude for what I am and I know –

Nothing is permanent and O follow the simple rule of TTT


Each and every situation comes in life for a better reason and for a better change