Perfection is a myth!

Perfect is a word which is very commonly used by all of us on a daily basis.

Everyone is running after a life which is free from flaws, defects ,free from mistakes . Everyone wants a perfect life, where nothing can go wrong , where you are free from all problems or where you don’t have to worry about anything .This is a type of life which one usually dreams of!!

But this type of life truly exists??

when one doesn’t meet his or desired life which they dreamt of ,what happens ; The real life problems start surfacing.

Whenever people are seeing the social media apps ,couples happily posing each other ,roaming to beautiful exotic destinations, buying luxury cars , they seem to self talk ,There life is Perfect !!
But there is a big difference in REEL LIFE AND REAL LIFE !!
I have seen people which seem to be perfect on Social media, getting divorced or finding ways to be happy .
Movies ,TV shows or even commercials ,news magazines everywhere we look ,people are talking about this Perfect life ! It seems the whole world is trying to teach you to reach you a destinations where everything is perfect .But ironically how much hard you try you still can’t reach there and then life sucks .

We post those pictures on social media which are PERFECT
Grades should be PERFECT
Marriage should be PERFECT
Kids should be PERFECT
Dresses should be PERFECT
Passport photos should be PERFECT
Selfies should be PERFECT
On a whole ,everything should be 👌 PERFECT

In a short, life is isn’t fair or flawless .It’s not meant to be. Ironically, we all know this truth, but we don’t want to accept it .
We put so much pressure on ourselves when something don’t goes the way we want them to be . We keep fuelling our expectations trying to get something precious from our lives and Wanting to be someone else.

What positive psychology says???

Happiness is not by perfection, it can be gained by the strengths which one can gain to improve ourselves on a daily basis and thrive to make better the community.

It is based on the fact that happiness can be derived from both emotional and social factors .
Eating a home cooked meal ,seeing a smile on my kids face ,sipping tea standing in my little balcony ,enjoying moments of heartfelt laughter with strangers ,feeling gratitude of what I have , accepting the life as it is . My life is not perfect but these are some little things which satisfy me .
The moment you stop demanding ,your life will stop sucking!

Stop complaining for what you don’t have ,feel the gratitude for what you have! Change the Attitude and you will change your life !

Remind yourself on a daily basis ITS OK NOT TO BE PERFECT !

Love Deepika

Counseling psychologist