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Yesterday was Valentine day ! A celebration of love 💘

Markets , stores social media all are flooded with pictures ,balloons 🎈 ,flowers greeting cards, gifts 🎁 . People Promote love as it increases their business. Since the start of February, all start preparing for this day .Buying expensive gifts and exchanging with their loved ones whether its diamonds 💎, dresses or flowers 💐 is become a ritual for many .

Going to candle light dinners and posting images on social media is become a norm for valentine 💝 day .

Is this the meaning of love?

Love is not ‘I‘ Love is ‘YOU

Love is not a noun ,actually its a verb which means that love should be like a free-flowing state .Loving and supporting our family members, understanding and giving an extra hand whenever needed is what we called as love .

I belong to a middle class family where my father was an Inspector in Roadways Department in Dehradun ,and my mother being an educated teacher was always there for us supporting my father and taking care of us (me and my brother and sister) and my grandparents. They never verbalize their love but it was shown in their actions .she is a hard working lady and supported my father lending emotional and financial support .My father too was always there for her and for the family 👪

They never demanded from each other but their love was unconditional.

Today I have seen couples demanding so much from each other and when their efforts, deeds and demands get unnoticed the real problem starts. They expect expensive gifts ,holidays and expensive dresses from their spouses on their special day and later which they can showoff on social media. AND when these demands or expectations go unmet or unnoticed , they feel unloved and go in an emotional distress mode .

I always thank my parents for giving me this important message : Love is a verb not a Noun .

Its have been 20 years of my marriage and we hardly verbalize our love for each other but it shows in the ways we support each other .My husband is a blessing to me . HEAR the love if you can’t see it and See IF YOU CAN’T HEAR IT

As I mentioned in my previous post love is life ,In Greek there are different words used to describe love

Storge : love between parent and child

Eros : passionate sexual love

Phillia: love and affection between close friends

Agape : the highest and purest form of love which is unconditional 💛 and like Radha and krishna

Love is to rise and not fall down , our soul gives us so many ways to rise in love which is a divine form of love .To help the people who are the sufferers of natural calamities, earthquakes ,floods ,tsunamis .These situations make us to do our best we can offer and the best we have is nothing but LOVE.

Service to Mankind is the service to GOD

Love is lending an ear to those who wants to get listened .Hearing the unheard silence 🔕 when someone going through a bad phase ,or the death of a loved one ,the stress ,depression, rage ,abuse , anxiety ,the trauma which one goes through .Holding one’s hand to show that I am with you is Love . Love is not singing romantic songs, taking out for a date on the special days but it is sharing life with others and making them inspired and a reason to live . Its not about giving a ‘ ‘bunch of roses ‘ but letting the other person feel that You are not alone in your difficult times.

It’s time to step out of our comfort zones, of our self consumed 🌎 world . We all are busy in ‘I’ when we come out of the I and jump in YOU ,then we can understand the real meaning of love. If one wants to see God ,start loving others .Ask yourself a simple question? Have I ever lived for someone more than I live for myself???

People say that walls have ears but I feel that ears have walls .Most of the problems vanish if we start listening than speaking.

Lots of love

Deepika oberoi

Let the Universe be your Valentine

Happy valentines day