It was the month of February,”the special month “ as me and my son share our birthdays in this month . My kiddo is a valentine gift as born on 14th of Feb and the name VIHAAN means ‘gift of God ‘My husband was not at home as he had gone out of station for some business work .

My little one goes to shloka classes every Monday .Her teacher and all children call her Mataji ; is a pure soul. My son has learnt so much from her. His hindi speaking, pronunciation everything is improved a lot. All thanks to her.

That Monday, I was not in the mood to drop him there ,feeling little lazy .I threw all kind of excuses and tantrums to make him ready to drop the class but all in vain. He was adamant and with a strong ‘YES’ ,he said, Mummy ! I want to go.

I know , he was so excited to sit in an auto rickshaw as all the time he goes with his father in a car. Seeing his excitement as was showing on his cute face , I agreed and the moment I gave a Yes ,he started jumping with joy.

So, we stepped out of the home. At the society gate ,I met my bestie who just shifted from the society .She also insisted him and tried to convinced him but he was not in the mood to stay back . Finally ,we stepped out of the gate and dropped my son there and came back home.

WE ; me and my bestie met at one of my friend’s house and when you are in a good company, time really flies fast .One hour passed away quickly and I rushed to pick him up ,took an auto .I asked the driver ,”Bhaiya (the auto driver) , if you are not in hurry ! Can you wait for a while. “ He responded, “Ok madam ! Par jaldi aana” (Be quick).

Ji bhaiya” (yes ofcourse),bas bete ko pick karna h ( just ,I have to pick him and will be back)

I went upstairs to pick him up .It took me some time to pick him up as the class wasn’t over .Continuous thoughts were running in my mind ,”The driver will wait or not “,” Surely ,he will go away “,” Why he will wait for me so long ?”.

In between of all these self-  talk, I heard a voice, “Mataji , prasad le lijiye”. ( please take the prasad) prasad is an offering which is taken after the rituals are over. I took the prasad and came down in a hurry with wavering thoughts running in my head.

To my surprise,the auto was there waiting for me .I was really surprised 😮 and thankful  to him. We sat and I said ,”Sorry bhaiya  ; thoda time lag gya”.( accept my apology for being late) He said,” Thoda nahi ,boht jyada time laga diya aapne behenji”. ( you took a long time )

I gave him prasad ,but he refused to take and said  .I am allergic to banana .In return , he offered  jalebis to us which were looking quite tempting . I refused to take saying,”Nahi bhaiya”( I don’t want) But my son intervened, mummy  mai le sakta hun ( Can I take??) Before that ,I could find the time to think 🤔 and answer , my son again said ,”Mom ,Can I take ” ?? Ummm , beta …….  In between the voice came, “let him take “,the auto driver said . He ate the jalebies and relished them ,as they were piping hot and fresh . As soon he finished , he said thank you !to uncle .

Somewhat ,I don’t know ,I was not feeling good and comfortable for what was happening around me . Taking an eatable from a stranger and on top of that the driver was from  a ☪️  religion .


So many thoughts were running into my head,

My son will be safe ?

If something will happen to my son ,after eating the jalebis , I will be the responsible one.

Why I didn’t stop him from taking ?

Do these thoughts were only because he took the eatable from the stranger???

👎 NO

These were a mixture from the beliefs which the society feed in our mind

I don’t believe in any religion ,I believe in humanity . But the moment it comes to your children you become more conscious while taking any decision .

The appearance of that person and the orthodox beliefs about his religion which were showing from the language he was using were quite disturbing which made me feel like that 🤔

Only little difference is there