Caution ⚠️

Now a days , this term is very widely used by almost everyone and in very vague terms .

I have heard people saying that I am very depressed 😔. Last week ,I was going through my Facebook page and found one pic of my known going on a vacation and in the caption ,it was written ,’I am on a vacation , but I am depresssed due to my exams ‘

Ladies often say,I am going or I will go into depression, as my kids fight a lot


My kids exams going to start .

Please ,use the term with caution ⚠️

DEPRESSION is a mental disorder and has very confusing or similar symptoms .

Whenever a person goes through a period of sadness or when life plays bitch , they often starts googling over the internet and find their symptoms somewhat similar to depression, they get more depressed ( ❌ )sad ( ✅ ).

But , infact this is not the case . It can be sadness, grief and may be some other emotions which might be popping up. Depression has a complex relationship to other chronic illnesses .

Sometimes, when a patient goes to a doctor with undiagnosed symptoms and if the doctor is not able to figure out what causing these symptoms or if their symptoms are matching or overlapping with symptoms of depression like sleeping problems, weight issues ,loss of appetite ,trouble in concentration, unexplained feelings of sadness or anger ,they might misdiagnose their patient is having DEPRESSION., even though there can might be another medical condition 😕 which is lying underneath.

At the same time, chronic illness can also lead to depression and if depression not treated properly can lead to other chronic illnesses.

Proper diagnosis should be there , don’t allow yourself to be a victim of wrong language.

Interpret and evaluate your emotions and feelings

Its important for doctors to get the root of the problems and then give a proper diagnosis .They should be sensitized enough

Doing shopping of electronics, we usually go to different shops for checking the prices and variety available,then why take risks when it is concerned to our health . Always take a second diagnosis – especially when it comes to the diagnosis of depression as it the most difficult to diagnose. Its symptoms do match with Bipolar disorder which too is actually very difficult to diagnose .

Whenever you Google the word depression ,approximately 7 lakh or more than people have searched it before than you.. VERY SAD .infact every two min,people search this term

Will discuss more in my next blog

Do take care of you and your health


Deepika oberoi

Counseling psychologist

REBT practitioner