Science ,new year ,resolutions

As we all know that each and everything around us involves science whether its cooking, eating ,breathing and much more .

Einstein formula E=mc2, it states that energy can neither be created nor be destroyed but it gets transferred from one state to another.

So ,why do we block our energy ,Yes we do !!


This is same question which is arising in your minds ? Right!

Our sedentary lifestyle ,the major reason, our behaviors and bad habits are mainly responsible for all this

This new year let’s practice some psychological tools to make this new year effective and happy the Einstein way 😀

  • Don’t make resolutions only, make it a consistent one Most of us start making new year resolutions as new year is approaching by. I am sure you all must have made or must be making . Now try to remember your last year resolution which you have made on 1st Jan 2020 . Are you still on it or do you remember what was it. In a research done ,it was shown that 99 % population makes only resolutions and some are consistent by only one month ,some by two to three months and rest forget the next day or so . e.g To be on a weight loss management program one make resolutions that they will morning walk daily or be on a healthy diet and lifestyle but if someone is not consistent, it will not happen.
  • Make Mindfulness A Habit – The simple process which is running daily to make us alive is our BREATHING and we all take it very lightly .Mindfulness training begins by focusing on our breath or by being in the ‘HERE ‘and ‘NOW’ when you focus ,you direct your attention and when you direct your attention, you’re in the moment — until your mind gets used to (or bored) with focusing on your breath and wanders into memory land retrieving random thoughts that seem more entertaining than your breath. Sounds difficult but very exciting and healthy to do. Initially ,it will be difficult to do as the mind wanders to the every possible place where you can’t imagine. Eventually focusing on your breath will help you feel your body sensations easily, its just like scanning your body e.g like a MRI . It will help you feel your negative emotions and accept them beautifully ❤
  • Practice Positive Psychology- Gratitude is a sign of positive psychology. It helps you notice the presence of functional emotions and practice the access of them daily .’ We often count what we don’t get but we don’t count what we get ‘. The major goals of positive psychology are
  • Life’s challenges are there to make us rise and make us stronger for the setbacks and adversity.
  • Engage with other people and relate to them.
  • Find fulfillment in what you do
  • Accept yourself and others unconditionally
  • Practice forgiveness to yourself and others too
  • Matter your Mental Health too as you matter your Physical Health – Mental health is still considered a big taboo in Indian context basically .I have seen people spending like anything on their shopping 🛍, and all the materialistic desires but sometimes they are not aware and sometimes they don’t feel the need and courage to go to a therapist .If your stomach aches ,you go to doctor ,if you have a broken bone, you go to an orthopedic but when the problems are related to somewhere else ,people ignore .Let’s shout out and talk about Mental health .It is as important as physical health .Make it a routine like brushing your teeth ,taking a shower or having a meal.
  • Practice Monalisa smile –
Distress tolerance Monalisa smile

Monalisa half pursed lips 💋 are a great way to counter discomfort.

Written by me
  • Solution Focused Thinking – Most of the times we spend our time in thinking about our problems and not to the solution .self pitying makes us more vulnerable to distress and stops the brain 🧠 to function in a proper manner . A solution Focused approach helps you gear towards the referred future.

When you shift your focus and voice what you want, and then describe what you’ll notice that’s different in your life using rich evocative details, you experience something very new and exciting in your life. You trigger hope and desire on a neurological level which in turn helps to project you forward by bringing in all your senses. You see what you want, you hear yourself describingwhat you want and emotionally you feel how much you desire this and the distance between where you are now and where you want to be seems to close.

  • Priortise your time and work – ‘The people who always say that we are busy ,we don’t get time are the free ones’ . Don’t get offended!! Segmenting the time accordingly to the work which is important and necessary to do first and then the important but not necessary now and then vice -versa .Goal setting is an important part of REBT. The master himself was a true goal maker and he believed the ultimate goal to achieve pleasure was Goal direction. Time is not an elastic resource,it only goes forward, once time is passed, it is gone forever. It is not that we have short time in hand to live ,but we waste a lot of it.


So ,dear readers keep practicing these simple tips and welcome new year with a new ray of hope 😀

Keep your energy revolving and prayers and good luck to all

Love ❤

Deepika oberoi

Rebt practioner