Blank year, not countable OR a year full of surprises.

I heard many people saying that this year is not countable.

It will not be added to my age , as we are not using it!

Who told you not to use?😎

These type of phrases, Images and quotes were in a continuous procession in the year 2020.

Certainity is the enemy of growth. Nothing is for certain until it has already happened. That’s why accepting the inevitable imperfections of our values is necessary for any growth to take place “ Mark Manson

This year is a year of learning, growth and overcoming our mistakes!!

In my opinion, this  year has made a record and has offered so much to take  . It depends partially or wholly on us ,how much we take ???

Humans have spoiled the mother Earth 🌎 so badly .

Taking self regulating measures,probably mother Nature may be waiting for a break to revive her natural, individual ecosystems .

Four months into the outbreak of novel corona virus pandemic in India, mother Earth has surprised us in many ways. Since the imposition of Lockdown on March 22, humans have been compelled to stay inside their houses 🏘️ and the environment was breathing outside. The air was feeling more fresh, skies brighter and cleaner.

These human restricted movements are in favour of the flora and fauna to breathe in some fresh and clean air .

With humans confined to the houses, animals seem to be getting their much-needed space. While a Nilgai was spotted roaming free on the streets of Noida in March, a group of monkeys were filmed having a pool party in a posh society in Mumbai.

In another incident, visuals of a huge flock of flamingos migrating to Mumbai flooded social media. Forest officials attributed the event to ‘less polluted water, air’ and also the ‘improvement in the quality of the algae’, which is the primary food for the flamingos.

The first festival after the pandemic hit in India was HOLI. 

This year Holi was really special and changed the way it was celebrated before. The colors we use on Holi are so bad that after playing , it becomes so difficult to remove it. People get skin allergies and some become like monkeys 🐒  all red

But this year ,we played with a natural herbal supplement made with turmeric, rose water ,gram flour and  milk. We had a lovely time and alongwith that after playing our skin was glowing.

Thanks to Corona!!!

Ganpati festival is celebrated with a pomp and show in India. Some people keep the idol at home doing the puja and festivities and some community  idols are also kept which are quite bigger in size. When the festivities are over ,the idol are immersed in lakes ,rivers or seas which eventually disturbs and pollutes the ecosystems .

This year the community idols were not kept ,but people and societies celebrated the festival .The idols were smaller, made of clay and immersed in big containers in the society only and after the immersion ,the water was put in the plants only.

Henceforth, the ecosystem was not polluted .

Thanks to Corona again which taught Mankind to be more humane!

2020 has been a tough year ,the whole world is hit by a coronavirus pandemic affecting uncountable loss to the people economies and survival.


Problems are the mother of Invention!

So many people have lost their Jobs, businesses have been shut .But the one who takes this as an opportunity will be  better to survive .

As Darwin has also said” It is not the strongest of species that survives, nor the most intelligent one, but the one more responsive to change”

Evolutionary psychology also says that!

This pandemic has given birth to E – learning. Indian teachers who are used most often  used to  chalk ,talk and duster which is an effective way of communicating concepts, and clarifying doubts.

Students, too are used to get the face to face interaction in the classrooms , the love and appreciation which they get from the teachers were missing . Meeting ,studying and playing with school friends is being missed. But ,they too have adapted to this change and become tech-savvy with the ongoing crisis .

Hats off to the Educators !

They are doing a wonderful job to make the online schooling more effective and enjoyable. Using new strategies , techniques and tools to make the children glued to the classes is a part of teachers lives now.

SO, as the year is coming to an end, hardly few days left for the closure of 2020 and it has been a tough year though, let’s all start ourselves preparing for YEAR 2021

If you and me want ourselves to be better to cope in 2021,we have to make better ourselves . Try and prepare ourselves to be a more calmer year ahead by taking control of everything within our powers whether its a small effort from our side .

Learning to be patient

Accepting the inevitable

Improving ourselves

Learning new tasks

Feeling gratitude for what we have

Less Demanding from others and ourselves too

This is a serenity prayer which I do daily .

Dear God, grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change,
courage to change the things I can,
and wisdom to know the difference.

Actionable piece of advice

This is a very simple task to do and if everyone can give it a try ,the results are beyond imagination .

Let’s pray and hope a healthier and prosperous 2021 ahead 🙏

Good luck to us all!!

Love ❤

Deepika oberoi

Counseling psychologist

REBT practitioner