Memories ,tears and mourning

Yesterday Evening ,a phone call came and don’t why my Heart got sank , What I was thinking seeing the expression of my husband was true. My friend jayshree departed ! 

Beautiful memories retained beautifully ❤

Tears started rolling down my eyes and Speech got heavy and vision fainted .I was watching Indian Idol on Television enjoying the melodius voices of the contestants and suddenly, I was feeling that all is  stopped  .

My little one seeing this got up from the couch ,gave me a hug 🤗, took out my spectacles and wiped my tears and said Don’t cry mumma ! Giving him a tight hug I cried all my heart out and felt lighter .

Thanks my boy for letting me feel lighter!

My friend jayshree was a beautiful soul .Its taking me a lot of courage and strength to write WAS  .

We met few years back and don’t why she became close to my heart. Since last year ,she faced so many health issues ,and I can’t forget the day when I came to know that she is diagnosed with CANCER.

It was the day of Karwachauth 2019( a festival celebrated in India  where ladies use to do  fasting for their husband’s long life ).I was getting ready in the evening ,all decked up and then the door bell rang ,my husband came and hijacked my joyful mood  .He was looking sad and On enquiring he burst into tears and told me that jayshree is diagnosed with CANCER.

Same feelings and emotions which I am having today were felt on that day.  I don’t feel like doing the pooja But then suddenly I gathered all my courage and finished all the rituals of the festival.

Next day, I visited her and promised her that she is not alone .I am with her and then it became more or less often to visit her ,sending her, her favorite delicacies and sharing her thoughts.

She battled very bravely the disease .Her husband left no stone unturned and her son too did all the effort and served her mother very well.

Today ,due to my prevailing condition, as I too got operated for a Renal Carcinoma ,I can’t be there with you dear .

I want to see you,touch you and want  to collect all the memories safe of your last time but Unfortunately I  couldn’t .

This is a Secret letter to you jayshree that still I am not physically present there but my heart is all with you and family.

I pray from the bottom of my heart to give Courage and strength to the family to bear the huge loss 🙏 


Physically you departed but are with me always !

Friends forever

Love you always

Deepika !