Whatever happens ,happenss for good !

We all face different situations in day-to-day part of our life.

Some situations motivate us and some make us down.

I think, it all depends on us. THE PERCEPTION

What we see ,its all in our minds

Whenever something not happens according to our comfort or according to our plans ,we feel down and start asking questions like ‘Why it happens or happened to us?(Hamare sath hi aisa kyu hota h?)

But, whatever I have learnt from my life experiences, is that nothing happens without any reason .In fact which doesn’t happens according to our choice or plans that happens because of God .

Now ,the question is ,if it all happens to God ‘s plans .why we think 🤔 or overthink on a certain situation.

My son whose 12th board exams were just finished and before that he and his friends were making plans to celebrate their so called Azaadi ( freedom or independence).

Ofcourse, children do need a break after studying so much for their boards .

So ,one of their plan was to go to Kullu Manali .

Snow capped Kullu Manali

Its a beautiful place situated in Himachal pradesh state of India  🇮🇳. Set on the Beas River ⛱ ,its an exotic destination for skiing in the Solang Valley and trekking in the Parvati Valley.

It’s  also a jumping-  off point for paragliding, rafting and mountaineering in the  PIR PANJAL mountains.  People also go to enjoy their Honeymoon also.

Actually, visiting this place is a real treat for fatigued minds and tiring souls.

They were so excited about it. One fine day, before the exams were going to over ,he asked me Mumma we are planning to go to Kullu Manali after my boards .Can I ?????

There was a great pause in between .As I was like,😳 what to answer then .

I said, let me talk to your paa and then we decide .

Already  its a NO from my side and I know his father would also not be ready to this proposal of his.

I asked my son ,can you not plan any nearby place ,Kullu Manali is very far from Mumbai.  He replied with a very Macho tone ,Mom I am a big boy now, please let me go !

On discussing with his father, to my surprise ,he agreed 👍 and said let them go and enjoy . They will become more responsible. My son also shocked 😲 hearing his father’s reaction and started jumping with 😂 joy !!

Tickets were booked and shopping started .children were very enthusiastic, they started making their itinerary.

But all in vain!

Just after the Boards finished ,the pandemic (COVID 19) started spreading its wings and now it seems  quite difficult the plan to fulfill .

And  the lockdown started and the plan eventually canceled.

Kids were very sad and I said, I know what You must be feeling. But ,all is not innour hands. Go With the flow and there is always another time

Actually this is the GOD’S PLAN


I have a firm belief in GOD .Whatever he plans its the Best !

What do you people think??? 



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