This title surprises you!


Heard of this many a times .Isn’t it?

Women for Women(W4W)

When women supports women incredible things happen!!

Women was and women is always powerful but when they support each other ,the strength becomes infinite. “

I ,believe none other than a women inspires other women to inspire .

My mother is my greatest strength. She always supported me since childhood. Infact, she was and still today is my bestsest friend .

I , used to share each and everything with her ,all my secrets, about the things which other 👧 girls used to hide like talks related to opposite sex and all.

I have seen her supporting my brother’s wife too .She is a good teacher and my mom supported her thoroughly, like taking care of her needs and babysitting their daughter whenever possible .

I am lucky too ,my mother-in law always supported me in my all ups and downs. I remember , when I used to give coaching to students and felt exhausted after that,she make me feel really special by saying, “you must be tired! I will do the remaining household chores.

Blessed I am!

But unfortunately, not everyone is !

Few days back , there was a News of a 3 day girl 👧 thrown on the streets wrapped in three to four layers .

Such an inhumane act !

A mother who is also a female ,how can she throw her like this ?

This is just an assumption to say her inhumane as we are not aware of what she must have gone through.

In some parts, still mother’s support their male child and criticize their own female version. Female foeticide has reduced, but still prevailing in some parts of 🇮🇳.

The beliefs that male child is important to carry forward the name of the family, puts the mother in a state to kill their family before its birth or afterwards.

One of my friend who is in a bad marriage, getting exploited daily but still in the same marriage 💑 as whenever she used to tell her mother about whatever she is going through,her mother tells her you have to adjust as you are a girl and might be you have done something wrong.

This is only one example, these types of cases very common.

A growing body of research on this issue points to three major factors that have limited the role of Women

  • The role of entrenched gender roles in our society
  • Non supporting parents and in laws.
  • Lack of education and orthodox beliefs.

The latest evidence on regressive attitudes towards women comes from the Social Attitudes.

A new study based on the survey shows that a significant amount of men and women feel that married women whose husband’s earn a good living should not work. outside the home.

And if ,in some cases women are allowed to work, they have to meet high expectations of their husband’s and those of society. Its not that women don’t want to work!

Telling women by a women before marriage

Even though some parents support their female versions to study , be independent ,they also talk about women empowerment but when it comes to marriage, pre wedding lectures are given to each and every girl 👧, how to impress their husband and in-laws. How to take care of the family and if they decide to work, then how they have to manage alone both the fronts together.

It’s like that Women can do everything ‘

Have we still taught our men to understand the real pain of women’s suffering and how much big role they play perpetuating in their suffering ?????


Love Deepika