A common myth believed about negative emotions is that they should be ignored, suppressed , kept aside or not given importance at all. But Is this the truth?

Feel the flow

NO,Not at all,the truth is that Emotions are emotions neither good not bad they are too important in our life.

Whether positive or negative ,emotions are a check for our mental well being.Suppressing negative emotions is like hiding something or sweeping them under the carpet which when dusted gives a lot to exhale.

OR , if they kept hidden for a longer time they erupt like a volcano or a panic attack .

Even negative emotions give us insights about ourselves to work upon .We should be mindful while working with them,mindful about our day today feelings.

Its not our fault, our upbringing is like that only.when we are upset, we look at the brighter side, ; when we are scared ,we push ourselves and we are sad ,we try to get over it.We really don’t work on these feelings.

When a boy cries or become sad, people use to say ,”Kya ladkiyon ki tarah rota h” (Why do you 😢 cry like girls?) Be a man!

Why is this so ? Do Men are not human ,they don’t have emotions ? If the answer is yes. Let them feel, let them cry ,let them also vent their emotions out.

Okay ! Let me take an example, Imagine a child playing with his favorite toy and while playing his toy breaks, which is new and for that he is longing for.What happens?

He feels sad ,he cries but what some parents use to say ?

Can’t you be more careful?It was an expensive toy! Now please don’t cry. Chalo chup ho jao ,naya le lenge!!!!!

His feelings ,his sadness which he is going through remains there.What we are doing ? We are asking to suppress his sadness and he is also getting a message from his parents that it is not okay to be 😥SAD.

Can’t we sit with the children and help them feel what he is going through .???

How to deal with Negative emotions?

Ignoring feelings (like “stuffing your anger”) is not the healthiest way to deal with them. Generally speaking, that does not make them go away but can cause them to come out in different ways. That’s because your emotions act as signals to you that what you are doing in your life is or isn’t working.

Feeling angry or frustrated can be a signal that something needs to change. If you don’t change the situations or thought patterns that are causing these uncomfortable emotions, you will continue to be triggered by them.

Also, while you are not dealing with the emotions you are feeling, they can cause problems with your physical and emotional health.

So,its time now to understand the negative emotions, acknowledge them how they are affecting you through different sensations on your body and shifting them to the positive side…



Deepika oberoi