Special children!

I’m.sure everyone must be aware of this term!

A Special child is a child which has some special needs and require some attention and specific necessities which other children do not.

Actually, its an umbrella term which can be term for a wide array of diagnoses ,some can be cured easily with some assistance and some are quite challenging for the entire life.

Some covers developmental delays ,medical conditions, psychiatric conditions and some congenital conditions which require accommodations ,so that the child can reach to the maximum potential.

Actually, its a very broad term and I am not going to cover all here in this blog; might be in my next one.

Some parents mourn and feel very uncomfortable and its very common; when they see other children doing all the normal activities easily which their child is not able to do or does differently 😕

With special 💖 children ,I think the parents need counseling more importantly than the child .

When , I was a child,in my neighbour’s, there lived a girl who looked quite different from others .

Some of my friends use to trouble her and some were scared 😨 seeing her as she looks quite different and her activities were not similar to ours.

But ,I was very curious to see her.

Each and every time ,whenever I see her a question pops in my mind .why is she like that or why her behavior is different??

Being a psychologist and a special educator, Now ,I am fully aware that why she was like that .

She had Down syndrome.

Her parents never sent her to school 🏫 and I feel really sad when people react very differently to these children.

There is much ignorance related to this field .

Now ,after the release of Taare zameen par ,people are becoming more aware of learning difficulties but thats not the only one; many more are there to deal.

Families ,who have special needs children are often seen criticizing their own children yet, there are exceptions too.

They don’t take them to social gatherings or don’t let them mix with children as they themselves are being afraid of the social status ; that society will mock at them or they themselves feel their child inferior to other children.

But, this should not happen as this hampers the overall development of these children.

To make the children mix with the “so called normal ” people which in fact are not ,the mindset of people has to be changed.

Each and every child is unique in its own ways

A child with disabilities often spent hours being taught how to interact with others


Why don’t we spend time teaching those without disabilities how to interact with them????

Let’s understand this difference and make them involve a part of society.

Inclusive education


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