Have you ever felt , that you are experiencing some kind of pain in your body and then you met with someone you love or with someone whom company you enjoy and then suddenly that pain starts to fade away?

These are referred to as


Mind Disorders

Let’s talk about psychosomatic disorders today.

Any disorder which involves both mind (psyche) and body( Soma) is a psychosomatic disorder.

Some diseases are actually made worse by mental factors such as stress and anxiety . In your day-to-day life you must have seen some persons getting Ill may be a simple viral fever or something like that; they leave their food and stop taking care of themselves which in return add more physical problems attached to the one they are carrying. Whereas some people which are suffering from severe problems and their mental state is good .They accept their state and tryto overcome their problems and come out of it effectively .

Anxiety over Anxiety is the major cause of psychosomatic disorders

To a larger extent many of the diseases are psychosomatic like…




*High blood pressure and most fatal of all is the heart ❤ diseases

The simplest of examples is chest pain which is mostly caused by stress and in that case no physical cause is found after going under so many health check ups and scans but nothing can be found.

So, what could we do to treat in case of psychosomatic disorders because the pain or symptoms are there whether the tests show anything or not .

Now the question arises .,How do or we should treat them?

Let’s try some effective treatment options to ease your stress and anxiety.

#Breathing techniques

#Being in the company whom you like the most



#Venting out your bottled feelings

#Following your passion or hobbies


And ,if nothing works then there must be some underlying issues which needs to be resolved. Please talk to someone with whom you can pour your heart ❤ out ,and if not please consult a mental health practitioner.


You are unique and special