Love is an essence and the most basic expression of life and life the very representation of love

Its a force that complete all the aspects of living

We, primarily feel love as an emotional connection between two or more people. But, its not a too far possession as some in human relations expect. It cannot be conditioned or compulsive.

Love goes far beyond that”

Carl Roger’s ,an American psychologist and my favorite one believed in the therapy of love. He introduced a variation of love into the therapy room. By love , he meant the Greek word called “agape”.

Greek philosophy drew 2 kinds of love eros and agape

eros means “a desire for something that will fill the lover”

“If I love you ,what will you give me “?

Its in context to desire for an object or a person


agape is ” the desire to fulfill the beloved and it only want the others to happy” .Agape is a strengthening love

The love of Lord krishna and Radha is the best example of agape .

Pic taken from Vrindavan temple

The best type of love comes with no strings attached.

For a successful therapy, the therapist should successfully communicate the meaning and experience of agape and the client would change in the desired direction.

Love ,the most important and a beautiful emotion is particularly very important in childhood ,when the first views of ourselves are developing.

When a child gets unconditional love and acceptance from his or her parents , they bloom beautifully.

If we make a mistake but see that our parents still accepts us ,we learn that its normal to make errors and they don’t make us unworthy of love.
Contrast to that, if we face rejection every time from our nears and dears ,when we mess up, we learn that we only deserve love if our behavior meets what our elders wants.

Life without love is like a tree without blossoms or fruit- Khalil Gibran

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