Let me ask you all a question?

If an unwanted guest comes to your house,how will you all react?

I am assuming and imagining the expressions you people are giving while reading this question.

Okay ! Let me share my experience  with you all .

An unwanted guest came unknowingly and started residing without my permission 🙃. I was totally unaware when it came and how it came . Some signals might be it was giving but we were not able to  figure out where it was. Then suddenly, one fine day, he was bored of hiding and gave me a clear signal and showed its true colors. We were shocked 😲 and  retrospective when we came to know about that hidden unwanted guest.

Now, you all want to know and someone’s might have figured out who it is and what it is?

It was CANCER ♋  that was residing in my left kidney as a soild mass .

But now no option left , as it was very much unwanted ,I decided to  throw it out .We   collected all the resources which were necessary financial,emotional and physical to kick that out.

Might be this time ,it was repenting ; why it stopped playing hide and seek 🤔. Poor thing, but as it was disclosed, so we have to take this decision of kicking him out.

But, I tell you all one thing, it was of very stubborn nature 🙄. The moment ,we decided to make it out ,it came on a deal .

The deal was, he will pack his bag taking some important things from me. And, on a mutual collaboration, we agreed 👍.

He packed his bag taking my left kidney with it. I said, its okay! you take it ,I have another one which is necesary for me to survive.

And now ,it is removed but not sure gone completely .I started cleaning the mess ,it has made ,the aftereffects of its unwanted living and the payback of the deal

I  cried, shouted ,howled .  As I am also a human being but after hearing the Sound of my Silence . I became normal and Thank God for choosing me and not my other family member.

As a psychologist ,now I am thinking that GOD has given me this opportunity to choose FIGHT OR FLIGHT.

  And now I am finding it as a golden opportunity which  will help me deal with my clients better as I myself can be a vicarious model for them.

Slowly and gradually ,I will become normal as I was before.

But now CANCER has a new meaning to me.   

C      -CREATE

A      –       A


C      – CHANGE

            Which is



R     – RIGHT

This acronym has given me the strength and now I am all ready to FIGHT.

F – Foster your

I – Intelligence,

G – Gather your

H – Hallmark and

T Triumph 🎉

Now I will take better care of my self, I have accepted the condition beautifully and will try to come on the track of my life as soon as possible.

These simple steps will help any individual to come out of any situation which is not acceptable.

*       Pranayama

*       Meditation

*       Gratitude

*      Unconditional


*      Forgiveness

*      Mindfulness

And most importantly be in the ‘HERE’ and ‘ NOW’.


How far you have come. Everything you have gotten through. All the times you have pushed on even you felt you couldn’t All the mornings you got out of bed no matter how hard it was. All the time you wanted to give up but you got through another day.Never forget how much strength you have learned and developed.

Believe in YOU

Deepika oberoi



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